The photo contest “Natura 2000 in the frame”, which was jointly organized by the Project “EU for Natura 2000 in Serbia” and the Energy Portal, was completed on 27th November. During 11 weeks of its duration, more than 1,500 photos took part in this competition and three of them, most successful ones, will be awarded at the closing ceremony that will be held online on 17th December  on the Facebook page of the EU Info Centre.

The main topics on which amateur and professional photographers responded were: protected areas and landscapes, natural beauties, flora and fauna, sustainable human activities (sustainable agriculture, tourism, and other activities). The intention and goal of this photo contest were to connect the importance of protection of biodiversity with the diversity of natural landscapes in Serbia, highlighting the spaces that will be part of the future Natura 2000 network, as well as to show to the beautiful public landscapes in Serbia, and to motivate and remind citizens of the importance of protection of the environment and diversity of flora and fauna.

Every week professional jury selected the three most successful photos received during the week. During the photo competition, 34 photos became finalists, and the three most successful will be awarded at the final ceremony. The jury was composed by: the Team Leader of the project “EU for Natura 2000 in Serbia” Ms. Ana Iñigo, the Project Manager in the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia responsible for environment and Climate Change Mr. Antoine Avignon, the National Coordinator of the Project from the Ministry of Environmental Protection – Sector for Nature Protection and Climate Change Ms. Snežana Prokić, the photographer Mr. Bojan Džodan, the multimedia artist Ms. Mina Radović and the Editor in Chief of Energy Portal Ms. Nevena Đukić.

“Nature photographers show us once again what fantastic photos they can make and what wide opportunities nature gives to them. The jury had a complex task to make the decision, but they also allowed us to enjoy fantastic photos. Through them, we can imagine and feel that we are at that location and see something that we did not see before. For me, to be part of the jury has been a great experience that allowed me to log which sites I shouldn’t miss travelling through Serbia”, said Ms. Ana Iñigo.

The Natura 2000 is an international ecological network of protected areas that are classified into two categories according to the Habitats Directive and the Birds Directive. The project supports the Ministry of Environmental Protection to establish the first list of potential sites in Serbia that will be part of the European Natura 2000 Network.

Photo contest “Natura 2000 in the frame” gathered several hundreds of photographers and nature lovers that equally competed for one of three main awards – 1st prize 60,000 dinars, 2nd prize – 45,000 dinars, 3rd prize – 35,000 dinars.

The exhibition of the most successful photos is postponed due to a specific epidemiological situation and will be held once the conditions allow it, probably during spring 2021.

The online event will be broadcast live on the Facebook page of EU Info Centre.